Dans le Jardin Exhibition

Exhibition Date:
Apr 01, 2019 – Jun 30, 2019
Location: Nemacolin Woodlands Resort​
1001 Lafayette Drive 
Farmington, PA 15437

For Claire Hardy, painting goes beyond making a likeness of the subject. It is also about recording the sense of the place, the feel of the atmosphere and the emotion the scene evokes. What’s more, the subject may only be a starting point in the process of seeking how to manipulate paint to create a convincing illusion of atmosphere and light. She works directly on the canvas sculpting the paint to uncover the rightness of a composition and a harmony of colors. She is captivated by expressive color, descriptive brushwork, and soft edges.

Meet the artist Claire Hardy!

Claire grew up in California, often drawing. An art teacher in middle school taught her how to shade to create the illusion of form and she has been drawing realistically since. She continued taking art classes through college while earning a business degree at the University of New Mexico. It wasn’t enough. A few years after graduation, while working as a graphic designer, she sought classical instruction which brought her to study at the Art Institute of Florence in Italy. Here she began to throw herself into oil painting.

After art school, she backpacked through Europe and the Middle East for five months studying art, culture and history. She then moved to Sewickley, PA, working as a graphic designer by day but painting small still lifes by night. Claire began showing paintings in local galleries and then in Santa Fe, NM. For years she served on the executive board of the Pittsburgh Society of Artists, promoting art throughout the area. She continues to study and experiment with oil painting, always eager to learn from the next painting. Her work is found in numerous collections in the Pittsburgh area, in the Southwest, and in Europe.

Sewickley, PA (412) 567-2707